Betroffene Modelle

Diese Informationen gelten für folgende Modelle:

  • ODS-D280U
  • ODS-D380F
  • ODS-D380U
  • ODS-D55U
  • ODS-D77UA
  • PZW-4000
  • PZW-4000C
  • PMW-1000
  • PMW-50
  • PMW-EX30
  • PMW-PZ1
  • PMW-RX50

The fast, simple, reliable path from camera to post.
Media production is growing more complicated, and turnaround times are getting tighter. You need a tool that eases the workload on your editor, ensuring that projects meet deadline. Enter Catalyst Prepare, a new media preparation tool that revolutionizes the post-production workflow.
Catalyst Prepare supports a wide range of formats and resolutions, organized your media, and bridges the gap between acquisition and editing. Catalyst Prepare moves the media preparation process and “data wrangling” out of the edit bay. With Catalyst Prepare you deliver the correct media to streamline post-production and keep your creative energy focused on your vision.