VAIO Action Setup Version

This update resolves the issue where by default no application is launched when you press the "S1/S2" shortcut buttons.

1. Download this file and save it to a download directory (note this directory for later reference.)
2. Close all running programs.
3. Go to the download directory and double-click "SOAVAS-01303202-UN.exe".
4. Wait while setup performs the requested operation.
5. The setup dialog box disappears automatically when the installation is completed.

To verify that the installation was successful:
1. Open "C:\Program Files\Sony\VAIO Action Setup\Version.txt".
2. The version number mentioned in the Version.txt file should include "".



  • SOAVAS-01303202-UN.exe


  • 32 bit


  • 4.23 Mb

Veröffentlicht am:

  • 39.12.2007