Click to DVD Upgrade Program1.4.04.07210

Important Notes

The requirements for installing Click to DVD Upgrade Program are:
1.DirectX 9 or later
2.Windows Media Player 9
3.Click to DVD 1.4.01 or 1.04.02:
-If you have Click to DVD 1.3, you must first download and install Click to DVD 1.4.01
-If you have Click to DVD 1.2 or earlier, you must first download and install Click to DVD 1.3, and then download and install Click to DVD 1.4.01.

New features

This version supports Windows XP SP2

Fixed bugs

-Click to DVD fails to detect a camcorder after Windows XP SP2 is installed.
-Unable to import movies over 8 hours (max 12 hours)
-Hard disk space insufficient error occurs when you try to burn DVD from MPEG1 movie even if there"s enough disk space.
-Click to DVD can not capture automatically from specific camcorders (DCR-HC30/40)
-Click to DVD Automatic Mode fails to burn DVD if free disk space is 6GB - 10GB

Download and Installation Instructions

1.Download the fileCTD_140407210.zipand save it to a download directory.
2.Right-click and select Extract All...
3.Follow the on-screen instructions to extract to a folder (note this folder for reference)
4.Open the folder in which you have extracted the compressed file
5.Double-lick SETUP
6.Click Next.
7.Wait while SETUP installs the new program.
8.Click Finish





  • 32 bit


  • 6.79 Mb

Veröffentlicht am:

  • 10.82.2004