Jorge Miguel Jaime Báez
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Jorge Miguel Jaime Báez


„Geschichte wird von den Menschen, deren Leidenshaft und Emotionen gestaltet“

Barcelona-born Jorge Miguel Jaime has an obsession to look for the 'why' of things and has a passion for photography in its most documentary aspect. He alternates his professional social photography work with personal projects involving religious faith all over the world. His life is based on telling the stories he has in front of him, every weekend and with the challenge of reaching the hearts of the people who trust him.

Kameras und Objektive des Ambassadors


α7R III 35-mm-Vollformatkamera mit Autofokus


a9 spiegellose Vollformatkamera mit mehrschichtigem CMOS sensor


α7S II E-Mount-Kamera mit Kleinbildsensor


α7R II mit rückwärtig belichtetem Vollformatbildsensor


α6500 Erstklassige E-Mount-Kamera mit APS-C-Sensor

Geschichten eines Ambassadors