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UWP-D portable two-channel wireless receiver

Digital Audio Processing for high quality sound

The URX-S03D is the first two-channel portable receiver in the UWP-D Series that fits directly in the slot of Sony XDCam and HDCam camcorders. Working with the UTX-B03HR belt-pack transmitter, the system features easy channel setting functions, advanced functionality for stable RF transmission and Digital Audio Processing technology ensures high-quality sound. With advanced usability with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders, it also works seamlessly with Sony 800 and UWP Series transmitters.

  • Digital Audio Processing for high quality sound

    Improves transient response performance between the UWP-D transmitter and receiver, providing impressive natural sound quality compared to conventional analogue wireless systems.

  • Stable RF transmission

    True diversity reception system achieves highly stable reception from two adjustable receiving antennas, each with its own RF circuits.

  • Great usability with Sony XDCAM and HDCAM camcorders

    System works with a wide range of Sony XDCAM, HDCAM and DVCAM camcorders, including the PXW-X320, PXW-X400 and PXW-X500.

  • Easy channel setting

    Large display, automatic channel setting function, USB connection for power supply and line input availability.

  • Wide frequency coverage with choice of channels available

    The extra wide switching bandwidth covers a wide area, with a wide choice of channels available across multiple models – please refer to product specifications for more information.

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Pro Audio Catalogue (EN)

Pro Audio Catalogue (EN)


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